White Woods  LbNA # 3920

Placed DateSep 5 2002
LocationLitchfield, CT
Planted ByRubaduc      
Found By Czech Chick
Last Found Sep 19 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 22 2015

The White Woods Letterboxes
(Litchfield, Connecticut)

Planted September 5, 2002
by Lil' Banditos
Original clues at www.geocities.com/lilbanditos/WhiteWoods.html
Adopted by Rubaduc in November 2007

These two letterboxes are dedicated to the memory of Alain and May White, a brother and sister who founded the White Memorial Foundation in 1913. The White preserve consists of 4,000 acres of varied terrain, with 35 miles of trails, a natural history museum, campgrounds, and water access. The preserve is suitable for many activities, including hiking, mountain biking, cross-counrty skiing, horse-back riding, and kayaking. We have found this area to be one of the most beautiful in the state and we are grateful to the Whites for having the foresight and generosity in allowing future generations the ability to enjoy this land in its natural state.

Directions: From the center of Litchfield, take route 63 south for approximately three miles. The parking area is on the left, immediately before the intersection with route 61.

After parking, go around the gate, check the map board and proceed on the white trail. Walk for a bit before turning left onto the red trail. These trails are wide and very well blazed. After a pleasant walk watch for the intersection of the blue trail which goes right and straight. Go right and follow the blue blazes as it goes uphill and then twists and turns before coming to a short section of what appears to be a dike. Just before walking over this dike section, look right for a rock between two trees not far off the trail. Box #1 (Alain) is behind the tree to the right. This is a busy area so you might want to take the box to the Plunge Pool View (a few yards along the trail) to stamp in, enjoy the view and have a snack.

After putting the box securely back in place continue on blue, pass the Plunge Pool View, pass a yellow trail coming in from the right and then watch for a triangular erratic on the right with a glowing tribute to this famous brother and sister engraved upon it. Just after this is a major intersection ..white, orange and blue all converge at this point. Go left on blue for a short way and when it takes a sharp right, look left for a narrow green trail going sharply left. This is the Plunge Pool trail. Go a short way and when the water comes into view ahead of you, look for a five foot stump on the left. Seven steps north of that is a skinny red maple tree with a hole in the back holding box #2 (May).
Return the way you came or go left on white at the major intersection for a different view of the Whites Woods.

Adios Gringos!
L i l ' B a n d i t o s !