It's all about Me. Clues 1-3 *Handcarved  LbNA # 39220

OwnerMrs. Tiddlywink    
Placed DateApr 23 2008
LocationRaleigh, NC
Found By WorkofChildhood
Last Found Aug 21 2009
Hike Distance?

This is the first in a series to tell you about the real Mrs. Tiddlywink! These will be all Handcarved stamps!

* Bring a penny for each person and some colored pencils or markers for coloring in your stamps! Also take gloves in case of poison ivy!

The location is near where she works, so it is a favorite park of hers! There are great kids toys in the play area!

Laurel Hills Park
3808 Edwards Mill Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27612

Box #1
Park your car and come through the main entrance of the park. Walk past a large baseball park. Go straight down the path to the left.

When you reach the pond go to the right and follow that path. You will come to a bridge on the left, cross the bridge.

Follow along until you come to a "T" in the road, turn left. Go to the end of the bridge and step off into the dirt.

Head about 25 paces to the right to a large tree. at the base of the tree you will see a bamboo shoot and a "stick in the mud". Clue #1 is hidden there!

Box #2

Return to the pond. Go to the right, toward the cement "cage" in the pond.

Follow the pathway to the left. Look on the left as you walk. You will see an area where you can see the street.

There will be a tall dark brown tree with bark peeling off it and a vine twisting around it there. Look behind the tree, there should be a bit of cloth on the vine. There is a hollow stump behind the tree, a long log is on the ground near it. The stump may be concealed, so kick around with your foot. Look in there, box #3 is there! I have been told that poison ivy may be there, so wear gloves!

These are things I like to make.

Box #3

Continue along the path. Throw a penny in the creek for good luck!

You will come to the stree, and the end of the path. You will see wooden posts on your left, turn and face them. Count 8 posts from the tree on the right, and go stand infront of it. You should see the soccer field from there. Walk straight forward until you see a sewer storm drain on your left. Go to it. See the strawberries on the ground?

Stand infront of the cement patch on the storm drain. (You should be facing the soccerfield should be ahead on your right. Walk 15 paces straight forward. You should see 2 alike bushes, one short one on the left, and a tall one on the right. the bush is quite pokey. Go between the bushes, and look at the bottom of the large bush for a scrap of cloth. Box #3 is hidden at the foot of the bush.

This is another thing I like to do.