The Depot Duo  LbNA # 3925

Placed DateMay 15 2003
LocationWashington Depot, CT
Planted ByRubaduc      
Found By Bungalow Boxer
Last Found Aug 20 2016
Hike Distance?

The Depot Duo
Planted May 15, 2003
Lil' Banditos
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Adopted in November 2007 by Rubaduc

***11/21/2009*** I believe the first box to be missing.

We planted two letterboxes in the Washington Depot area, in two separate locations. The first is located in the Bee Brook Preserve and the second at the Steep Rock Preserve, which are within a few minutes driving time of each other. Each hike is about two miles round trip.

Directions: Coming from route 202, heading west out of Litchfield, take a left onto route 47. Follow for a couple of miles and you will see a dirt pull-off on the left and a sign for Bee Brook.

The Bee Brook Box
From the parking area, cross the Bee Brook and bear right, past the gate, as you step off the wooden bridge. Follow this wide path, keeping to the right, paralleling the waterway. Follow for approximately 3/4 of a mile, until you come to a fork. Take the right fork, heading downhill to a long wooden bridge, spanning the Shepaug River. Once across, go left, following another wide dirt trail. After a short time, you will come to a major four-way intersection. Turn right here, staying with the yellow trail. Shortly, the yellow trail forks left, followed by a fork right; stay with it. The trail then bends around to the left and you will pass through a quartzy ravine. When you come to the large overhang on the left, across from the quartz landslide; stop! Facing the white quartz under the overhang, look to the left inside corner of the cliff. Notice a triangular-shaped boulder with moss growing on it. Stand on this boulder and look for your little pile of rocks.
Continue on the yellow trail. At the next T, marked by a green sign, take a right, leaving the yellow trail. Cross a field and take the right immediately on the other side. Stay straight, past the first left, taking the second left at the fork. Hike downhill and soon the trail opens into a meadow. Cross through the grass and you will find yourself back on the yellow trail. Take a left, and follow the wide path back to the bridge. From here retrace your steps back to your car.

Directions: From the Bee Brook Preserve, continue on route 47, into Washington Depot center. At the stop sign, take a left, and then an immediate right onto River Road. The Shepaug River will now be on your left. Follow for a couple of miles until the road forks. Take the left fork, cross the bridge, and park.

Steep Rock Box

Walking down the dirt road, stay with the river, which will be on your right. Soon this dirt road forks, with the vehicle road going left, and the park road going right. Pass through the park gate, staying parallel to the river. Follow this dirt trail about a mile, until the trail splits. There will be a green sign indicating entrance into the Steep Rock Preserve, next to three large boulders. Veer right, and cross yet another long wooden bridge. As you step off the bridge, veer left. (You'll be doing a whole lotta veerin'.) Take your first right, and begin counting off trees on the righthand side, starting with the corner tree. At the fifth tree, look for the river rock.
After stamping in, continue on this trail, and soon another trail joins in from the right. Head uphill for about 1/4 of a mile. At the Y, veer right passing the DANGER sign. Proceed down rock steps and keep left, with the river still on your right, only now you're on the other side. Get it? From here, stay on this trail; it will open up to another wide dirt path, which you will follow back to the parking area.