Winged Runner  LbNA # 39251

OwnerOrlando Art & About    
Placed DateApr 25 2008
LocationOrlando, FL
Found By MickeyMouse
Last Found Feb 9 2013
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Winged Runner

Orange County Arts & Cultural Affairs has hidden Public Art Caches near pieces of public art all around Orange County. This hunt was created in an effort to let more citizens experience public art through an exciting and adventurous journey around Orange County. We hope that, long after you track down one of our Caches, you will continue your search for art.


This art piece can be found ready to take flight outside of the Orange County Administration Center. Originally cast in Barcelona, Spain, this second cast of Winged Runner was on display at SeaWorld for many years. With an astronaut-like facemask and inadequate wings it is a monument to “dreamers.” The first cast of Winged Runner is at The United States Olympic Training Facility in San Diego, CA and won the “Orchid” award from a jury of architects and city planners. Three of New York City artist Roy Shifrin’s sculptures are in the Orange County collection. Around the other side of the building his sculpture, The Leaper, is also ready to exercise our imagination. The third of Shifrin’s sculptures in Orange County, Great American Horse, is located at the Convention Center

Innovative and brave, this runner is ready to fly. Will he make it over the green container across the sidewalk and then over the hill? Well, you won’t need to go further than that green columnar container. Under it is the cache’s hiding place

Please make sure you do not damage the plants in the area. Place the Cache back exactly where you found it making sure that the cache and the cable that secures it are not showing.

Please feel free to send an e-mail to or call us at (407) 836-5540 to let us know about your hunting experience. If you could not find the Cache, please let us know.