Receptualistic Pyramid  LbNA # 39258

OwnerOrlando Art & About    
Placed DateApr 25 2008
LocationWinter Park, FL
Found By LCAB
Last Found Sep 11 2013
Hike Distance?

Receptualistic Pyramid

Orange County Arts & Cultural Affairs has hidden Public Art Caches near pieces of public art all around Orange County. This hunt was created in an effort to let more citizens experience public art through an exciting and adventurous journey around Orange County. We hope that, long after you track down one of our Caches, you will continue your search for art.


Johann Eyefells taught sculpture at UCF for many years. Influences of his childhood in Iceland can be seen in the earthy nature of many of his works. This pyramid is mounted on a solid, square, metal base supported by four posts at each corner. The open-sided concrete and metal is both permeable and impermanent, seeming almost to grow as it decays. This pyramid can be found behind the Crealde School of Art hidden among other pieces of art.

To get to Crealde from Downtown Orlando, take 408 (the East/West Expressway) East for 3 miles (there will be a toll of 50 cents – or take Hwy 50/Colonial Drive which won’t cost any tolls but will burn an extra 75 cents in gas with all the stop lights). Take exit 14 toward SR 436/International Airport/Semoran Blvd. This will put you on Lake Underhill for 3/10th of a mile. Turn Left on Semoran and continue for four and a half miles to Aloma (just after you pass under the large green arc of the Cady Way Trail). Turn left on Aloma/SR-426. It’s not quite a mile from here to St. Andrews Blvd on your right. Turn right onto St. Andrews Blvd (the Crealde Business Center is on the corner) and follow the drive back past Publix onto the grounds of Crealde. There is parking there and you are free to wonder amongst the classroom buildings and through the gardens until you find this pyramidal sculpture.

From one side you can look through the pyramid and see a red bridge. Follow the red brick road, pass the light pole and cross the red bridge. Stop once you can see the little boy playing with his dog. Stand near the dogs tail, walk between the bushes towards a red fence. Follow the fence to the right past the squarish trunk with the bikini. A couple slats before the end of the fence you can find the Cache behind some moss on the ground in the recess between slats.

Place the Cache back exactly where you found it and cover with the moss. Make sure it is tucked in, out of the way of any lawn mower for the next hunter who comes along.

Please feel free to send an e-mail to or call us at (407) 836-5540 to let us know about your hunting experience. If you could not find the Cache, please let us know. Other cache clues can be found at