Give Our Dog A Bone  LbNA # 39264

Placed DateApr 19 2008
LocationWarrensburg, MO
Planted ByGive A Dog A Bone    
Found By Evans Family
Last Found 0 2000
Hike Distance?

Take Highway 13 (Maguire) to DD Highway/Hale Lake Road. Turn West and proceed to Pertle Springs. It is a four way stop. The Highway Patrol training course is on your right. Turn left. Follow the winding road until you come to the spot where you have a three way choice. The road to the right will take you past the lake. If you go straight you will get to the golf course – we want you to turn left into the parking lot. After parking your car, face the picnic area and observe the stairs to both the left and right. We’re going to be easy on you and have you take the shorter flight of stairs. You may want to peak into the cave to the left of the stairs before you start – if you dare! We think Pete, the one-eyed hobo lives there! LOL Maybe you will see his eye if you bring your flashlight.

Go up the 10 steps and follow the path that keeps the lake on your right. As you wander the path you will find a rock shelf on the left – which would be a great place to hide a letter box. But we found a better place – so keep going! You might have to cross a fallen log or two so take care that you don’t twist your ankle. Continue until you come to a Y in the path. Take the “correct” path. You will see a bridge – be careful, in the rainy season it could be slick! As you cross the bridge, look to your left. There is an abandoned (we hope) squirrel hut. We placed a triangular rock in front of the opening to hide the package we placed wayyyyy to the back. You might want to clear the area with a stick before reaching inside.

We hope you enjoyed your hike through Pertle Springs. Please be careful to watch for hikers before you retrieve or replace the letter box.

PS – Let us know if you see “Pete, the one-eyed hobo”!