Rainbow  LbNA # 39266

Placed DateApr 25 2008
LocationBrunswick, OH
Found By 1SG
Last Found Sep 19 2008
Hike Distance?


Clues updated 10/22/08

Compass required
1 Pace = 1 step

A mix of hand carved and store bought stamps.
Brain Teaser to find Mystery box.

This website will help map out the parks.

Please note: When replacing the box, be sure to hide it better. Thx much!

Boston Knolls Park
107 Weathervane Lane Brunswick OH 44212

Park and head up the sidewalk to the south.
Cross the street and continue to the city park.
Interesting, this trail is surrounded by houses!
Follow this trail until you see the bridge.
Do not cross this bridge.
Instead, follow the trail to the left.
Cross a bridge.
Cross a bridge.
Cross a bridge.
At the trail intersection take a right over the bridge.
At the fork bear right
You will pass a trail leading left, up ahead, go right.
Approximately 100 paces on the right, not inside but behind is the box.
Continue on the path, over the bridge.
Take the path between the post and the shag bark tree.

Bridgeport Park (logbook missing)
404 Winchester Lane Brunswick OH 44212

Park and head westwards on the path.
When the path curves left, take a bearing of 310 towards the woods, between 2 trees.
When you arrive at the edge of the woods you will be next to a tree with ashes behind it.
Take a bearing of 290 and head into the woods.
Follow the narrow, viney path to a 3-Y tree.
Look through the tree at a bearing of 286 to see a larger tree turning into 4.
At the base of that tree is the box.

Neura Park
4637 Center Rd Brunswick OH 44212

Park in the lot and head up to the sign.
Follow the path next to the tennis courts up to the basketball court.
Up on the left is a wooden fence with green fencing.
Walk along this fence to the end.
17 paces from the fence on the left is a steep path downwards towards a creek.
Under the base of the tree is your box.
It is wrapped in camo tape ;)
Be very careful!!

Pepperwood Park

Follow Pepperwood to Baywood, Head East to the city park sidewalk to the north.
Park along the street near Baywood and Poplar.
Take the path into the park.
Walk along the east side of the tennis court to the end.
You will see a lake, bridge, pine tree and a little tree.
Walk between the pine tree and little tree towards the edge of the woods.
Walk along the right side of the outer edge of the woods.
Be careful of the thorny bushes!
You will come to a path leading left into the woods, continue up the hill to another path.
This path leading left into the woods has 2 trees in the distance.
Take this path to those trees.
10 paces north from these trees, is a tree on the right with lots of bark pieces around.
The box is behind this tree under some bark pieces.

Plum Creek Park South Entrance
2500 Plum Creek Parkway Medina OH 44256

Park in the lot and make your way up to the trail sign.
We'll be following the blue/green trail backwards a bit.
Take the paved path up into the woods and enjoy the sights and sounds.
When the paved path turns northward a sharp 90 degrees, head south and along that trail.
The tree in the middle of the path will let you know you are on the right track.
Follow the trail until you reach the bridge.
Count the planks.
Go back to the start of the bridge and walk back as many paces as there are planks on the bridge. Yes, back the way you came.
On your right, behind the sleeping timber, under a rock is the box.

Make sure no one sees you!

Back to the bridge, continue on.
At the fork in the trail, head left.
On your right, in the distance is a very large tree with a piece broken away revealing a hole. Fancy that!
You are on the right track.
You'll be crossing a bridge and heading up stairs in the woods!
At the very top plank in the trail, count your paces until you come to a fork.
At the fork follow a bearing of 150 until you come to a bridge.
Count the planks.
Continue under an archway to another bridge.
Count these planks too.
Follow this rooted path to a clump of mangled trees where parts have fallen off on the right.
Continue to yet another bridge!
Count these planks too! And stand at the end of the bridge.
Now, add these planks to the ones you counted on the last two bridges.
Now add your paces from the stair to the fork from earlier.
From the end of the bridge walk this many paces up the trail.
And to your right, in the tree is your box.
Taped up in 'nature' camo tape.
Head up the trail, at the fork turn right and there you go.

Follow the Rainbow and inside is the location for the mystery box = "Combo Box"

To the eastside of the park, head onto the path.
Head left at the fork.
At the intersection, follow the gravel path.
Follow the clearing down an intersection where you can see a small pine tree up ahead.
Head to the right down the path.
You will pass a tree stump and 2 logs on the right.
Follow the path for another 2-3 minutes up to the pipe and boards.
Continue on the path until you reach a path going right.
Looking down this path, in the distance is a stump.
Go down this path and at the end is a clearing with a pile of branches off to the right.
Go to this pile, inside is a log with 3 tiny holes.
Pull back this log for the box.
Walk westwards towards the single pine tree.
Once on the path, take a right to head back.