Koshkonong Mounds Letterbox  LbNA # 39280

Placed DateApr 23 2008
LocationFort Atkinson, WI
Planted ByLightchaser    
Found By BikenBerrys
Last Found Sep 21 2013
Hike Distance?

Koshkonong Mounds is just off of Hwy 26 between Fort Atkinson and Milton. Drive down Hwy 26 and look for the signs to the Koshkonong Indian Mounds or the Koshkonong Mounds Golf Course. Follow the signs till you see the lake and then turn left into a small parkinglot.

As you walk around these cerimonial water spirt mounds imagine the Indians that built them where still around. theres no golf course, road, or houses around. The lake is much smaller and more swamp like. It is filled with hundreds of canoes that have come to this spot. The air is filled with the sounds of Birds and Frogs. As you pass the Conical Mounds the Chiefs of the tribes are chanting to the Spirts. Asking them to aid in the hunt and give them a good year. As the trail turns away from the road and passes the largest of the mounds look for a large flat atler like rock that overlooks most of the mounds. If the spirts have blessed you, you may find what you seek behind the alter.