Jade Dragon's Treasure  LbNA # 39293 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 27 2008
LocationThe Woodlands, TX
Planted Byrubydragon56    
Found By BluegrassBOXers
Last Found Jun 2 2008
Hike Distance?

Jade Dragon's Treasure
Bear Branch Park

A long time ago there was somebody known as the Jade Emperor. He lived in the heavens and was interested in the Earth’s animals but had no time to visit Earth. He asked his servant to bring twelve animals to his kingdom in the sky. One day many years later, the dragon escaped from the palace and caused havoc on the town. He nearly destroyed the heavens. To punish the dragon, the Jade Emperor sealed him away in a jade statue for his evil deed. This statue and the Jade Dragon stamp await those who are able to discover my letterbox. Please handle with care – you don’t want to release the Jade Dragon! [and please return him to the box after you have collected your stamp].

This letterbox starts at Bear Branch Sportsfields near the soccer fields. The address for Bear Branch Park is 5200 Research Forest Drive in The Woodlands. Enter from Research Forest Drive and park your car all the way down in the far corner of the parking lot.

The hike begins near the fenced-in garden area next to the parking lot. From there, look across the soccer fields toward the trees. You will see a number of large lights meant to illuminate the soccer fields at night. Far across the field from where you are standing [and near the trees] you will see a light pole with two rows of lights and three electrical boxes attached to the pole. Walk to that pole.

Now look for a wooden sign that says “#18 T-Box” and walk toward it. Standing at the #18 T-Box, you will see a Frisbee golf metal basket with the number 14 on it. Look to the left in the distance and you will see a wooden post marking the beginning of hole 14. Go to that post. Continue down the path and look for post #13. Look ahead for a wooden bridge and cross over it. Then walk toward the grassy clearing and walk to the top of the hill toward the lake.

Walk along the right side of the lake past the bench until you reach the end of the lake. Turn left and walk down the grassy path. Continue on for a few hundred yards. You will have crossed over a Frisbee golf path along the way. Eventually you will come to a fork in the path. Go right at the fork. Look for the red number “9” on the ground. From the way you are standing, it will look like a number 6. Now walk toward the trash can in front of you. Look over the can towards the large tree that is leaning to the left. Walk between 10-15 paces towards the tree. You will find the letterbox hidden at the base of the tree closest to the road.

Please be discrete when retrieving and returning the letterbox since there can be many Frisbee golfers in the general area.