Tap into America!  LbNA # 39296

Placed DateApr 26 2008
Location???, NH
Found By ???
Last Found Jul 11 2009
Hike Distance?

Watch out New Hamshire, staight form England, please welcome Spinal Tap! Their agent has booked the band at this New Hampshire tourist atraction. Second billing of course!

Solve following for location.

“A Meticulously Edifying Repository Is Conspicuously Attainable 'Since Sometimes The Obvious Negates Even High-minded Endeavors, Nullifying Great Effort”.

Go to this site at any time.

A very quick find, 5 minutes total.

At entrance, outside the gate.

Stump on the left in the lawn, 10 feet off pavement.

Remove loose debris from top of stump to find Spinal Tap.

This letterbox goes to eleven! So easy, even a Druid can do it!

Please seal and rehide well.