Lodge by the Lake  LbNA # 3931

OwnerSeeker of Flags    
Placed DateMar 16 2003
LocationLancaster, OH
Found By Sherlock Toads
Last Found Aug 19 2013
Hike Distance?

Planted by Seeker of Flags krogers004@columbus.rr.com
Difficulty: Clues - 1.5, Physical - 3
Alive and well November 2010

General Notes: Please take your own stamp pad(s). Ohio's climate is not conducive to stamp pad durability. Seeker of Flags' pace count is 19.5 double steps per 100 feet. A pace equals 2 steps. Degree of difficulty is on a 5 point scale. Please e-mail me at the address above with any complaints, suggestions, or information about the status and condition of the Letterbox.

Leaving Lancaster on Rt. 33, heading South-East. Turn right on Stump Hollow Rd. Immediately, turn left on Old Logan Rd. Go 1/2 mile. Turn right into Alley Park. Park in the lower parking lot by the shelter.
Walk up the road going South toward Goslin Nature Center. You will pass a park information kiosk, phone, and bike rack. Continue until you see a lake, turn left just before Lake Loretta, still going South. Path curves West around Lake. Go to first trail map sign.
Take the trail just behind you, south and up. At the trail junction, jog left to gate, then right and continue up. Past post #75 through #73 to path junction. Turn on path with bearing 220 degrees. Past post #72 through #70. Path curves North past #69 through #65 to trail junction. Continue on path with bearing 270 degrees. Past post #64 through #57. Turn right at path junction. Past post #56, stop at post #55.
Take a bearing from post #55. 35 degrees for 9 paces to a large rock.
Approximately one meter from this rock at 320 degrees you will see a hole formed by a tree root pulling out of the ground. In this hole, under some rocks is the Letterbox. There weren't any animals living in this hole when I planted the box, but I couldn't help but think some might like to. Use caution.
To get back to Lake Loretta, continue down same path past posts #54, 53, etc.