George's Romp Through the Park  LbNA # 39340 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 27 2008
LocationWest Lafayette, IN
Planted ByMaggadeth    
Found By
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9/30/08 UPDATE: Apparently George has gone for a ride, as the box is missing! Will replace, I'll keep you posted.

George is curious as can be
That's what you get with a monkey like he
While in West Lafayette don't be all sappy
Head 'long the river to the hollow that's happy
Start on the paved path through the park
Best be sure to get there well before dark

At the stump others have left their mark
See all the scrawls, they are better than bark
Take the next trail to your right, now you're off-roading
Up the hill then go left, up so high like you're soaring
Continue straight (the stairs not to heaven lead)
you'll soon stop abrupt at the overhang, sure footing you need.

Look down (slight left) to the creek and you'll see
Beneath the roots is where George will be.
Head down the hill, and cross the babbler
Across from the roots, this rock's not a rambler.
Hope there haven't been rainy days
Otherwise this box may have traveled a ways!

Enjoy the park, and have a great day
George's next adventure is on it's way!