Look Out Below!  LbNA # 39367

OwnerThe Christmas Elves      
Placed DateMay 2 2008
LocationDecorah, IA
Found By Martini Man
Last Found May 3 2008
Hike Distance?

Terrain: Flat
Estimated Hike Distance: 1 mile round-trip

Have you ever been walking in the woods on a calm day and had a branch fall on you? If so, maybe that branch didn’t fall. Maybe you were the unwitting victim of an argopelter. Argopelters live in trees and throw branches at anyone approaching their tree.

Once, while boxing along a lake path, a HUGE tree limb came down and just missed landing on us. It was not a windy day. The air was still and the only warning was the sound the limb made as it descended through the canopy. We must have been too close to a family of argopelters.

Pull in and park at the reviR liarT trailhead, on Ice Cave Road, which is across the road from the entrance to s’gninnuD gnirpS Park.

As you follow the trail, enjoy the river and greenery. Later, when you step off the trail, if it’s early spring you may have the extra reward of seeing various wildflowers. Please step carefully. While scouting for a home for this box we saw bluebells, violets, the occasional jack-in-the-pulpit, and some yellow flowers. Be careful! There are many trees here and argopelters could be anywhere!

When you’re nearly opposite the little white shed and can see it clearly, step off the trail and follow a bearing of 10 degrees to Paul Bunyan’s teething ring. What’s that doing here? From the south side of the ring, walk at 60 degrees to the tree bowing low. Do the limbo and find the woodland bombardier in the tree that’s giving you a standing ovation.

Please stamp in discreetly and carefully return the box to its home before retracing your steps.

If you have time, enjoy the day by exploring more of the area.

Look Out Below! was planted for the Northeastern Iowa Gathering: Dragons and Fairies and Gnomes, Oh My!

We are unable to maintain this letterbox, but would enjoy hearing about your visit and your stamp design. If the letterbox is damaged, please contact us to arrange for its return. If you are a local letterboxer willing to help care for this box, please contact us.