Historic ???  LbNA # 39409

Placed DateApr 24 2008
Location???, IN
Planted ByNancy Drew Girls    
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To the place where the only Civil War Battle was fought on Indiana soil and where delegates met under the spreading branches of one of the largest of its kind, to a place where a young shepherd boy's name is remembered.

It is here that you'll find something only a hiker would love, something that bears the name of the Native American waterway that runs beside it. Once found, you'll begin by stepping on generous people of all nationalities.

Follow its graceful curves being sure to look port side at the many torches that illuminate it by night. At this point look at the sky and try to find the moon. Can you remember the giant leap for mankind that took place up there? We hope you can because you will need to know the flight number that took the astronauts into space on that day historic July day in 1969. When your torch count reaches the number of that flight, stop and turn your eyes starboard. Once again torches light your way. Look skyward again. Now remember your Roman mythology. This god of the sea is one of the planets in our solar system. His position from the sun must be known. Now count the torches next to the river. When you reach that number you must stop!

OK, you are close. Look down at the sections on the ground - One (1) is where you are, four (4) is where you need to go. Arrive by moving ahead. Now look for the maple that guards the biggest rock. Behind this rock, a white cord will serve to mark the end of your quest!