Save the Cheese  LbNA # 39466

Placed DateApr 25 2008
Locationmooresville, NC
Planted ByThe Stertz 6-Pack    
Found By Tom+Four
Last Found Nov 1 2008
Hike Distance?

Dr. Cheesy has escaped from the laboratory. He has a diabolical plan to melt all the cheese in the world. His evil plan is to melt all the cheese in a lake surrounded by nacho chips, drawing humans in to eat the cheese laced with a mind control serum. To save the cheese we need your help to find Dr. Cheese and stamp him on the magical notebook that traps him forever.

The last sighting of Dr. Cheesy was at the Lake Norman State Park Lake. You can find directions to the State Park. Enter by State Park Road; go over the bridge to the first parking lot on the left. You will see a sign for Alder Trail (white diamond) to the left. Take that trail until you get to the first map sign, look towards the lake, take the path the arrow points to on the left around the lake. Follow the path over the wooden steps until you come to a clearing, you will see the dam. Take a compass reading from the sigh 280 west. Take 30 steps to the large tree with 4 trunks by the lake. The stake marks the villians hiding place under the tree. There is another letterbox hidden in the park. "The Search for Skipper".

Lake Norman is a beautiful park, it offers hiking, biking, fishing, boating, camping and swimming. You can also rent paddle boats and canoes for a very reasonable price. Enjoy the park and have a blessed day!

The Stertz 6-pack