Four Points North  LbNA # 39474

OwnerAmazin' Racer    
Placed DateMay 2 2008
LocationAustin, TX
Found By screamin meemie
Last Found Mar 27 2012
Hike Distance?

Four Points North is the first of a few pattern related carvings. I couldn't think of a cool name for the series so I decided to go without one, that way it can be never ending as I get inspired!
McKinney Falls State Park is a beautiful state park on the edge of the capital city, located in south Austin, TX. This is an active park and all of the camping sites were booked when I went to plant. To get to the park take 183 South to McKinney Falls Parkway. Travel about 3 miles to the park entrance. Once there pay the entrance fee.
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Continue down the road you entered and take your first right, following the Homestead Hike & Bike Trail arrow to the Picnic Area. Park in the first section on your left.
You will see a play area with a slide and swings. Next to this area is a bench close to a nice shade tree. Sit here a spell and look at all of the picnic tables, bathrooms and other benches around. Almost directly in front of you, slightly down the hill is a similar bench to the one you are on. Go to that bench and rest for a moment. You'll notice a gravel path to your left (away from the group of picnic tables) - when you’re ready journey down this path past another play area. You'll come to an intersection that leads to other parking on your right - continue down the path you're on it will bend slightly to your left and the corner of a small wall almost enters the walk. Continue on your way - look out for snakes - this is their habitat after all. The path winds by two rows of stone on your right. This is such a friendly park - even the grills come out to meet you. Continue on to the spigot on your left. Behind this spigot is another gravel path. Take this path. It immediately joins many others but no worries - what you seek lies just ahead. Stay straight on the path and it will take you to a large tree whose arm is extended towards you. Stand next to the tree and you will be on top of a stone stairway. Looking down you will see the river at the end of these steps, to your right you'll see a sharp rock cliff, as you continue to turn clockwise you are now facing the way you came. Continue one more hour and you will see the elbow of the arm stretched out like an arch. Take two steps under the arch and what you seek will be near your left foot, next to the smooth trees under a pile of rocks. Recover well .