The Weather Vane-ALL BOXES THERE 10/16/10.  LbNA # 39478

Placed DateMay 3 2008
LocationMilwaukee, WI
Found By shooting starz
Last Found May 30 2014
Hike Distance?

These boxes were named Wind in the Willows, but that name was taken. But there IS wind in the willows in this park along with sun, rain and snow! This series of boxes was carved by members of the Brookfield Blazers 4-H Club. Please re-hide all boxes well after you have found them.

Start at the Greenfield Golf Course at 121st and Greenfield Avenue. Park in the lot north of the club house. Take the path that goes south and west of the picnic shelter. As you walk, enjoy the beautiful scenery. Golf courses are great places to observe the changing seasons.

You will see a railroad bridge ahead. Continue south and under the bridge until you come to a stop sign on the 'main drag'. A parking lot will be on your left. Staying on the grassy side, turn left. Locate a ‘dip’ or a small ‘gully’ (drainage ditch) and follow it north into the woods.

Stay in the gully (unless it is too filled with water) and locate a piece of driftwood. Going north from the driftwood, take 30 paces. You’ll find a steel box and a piece of railroad tie. Look into the north end of the tie for the box. After stamping, re-sealing, and hiding the box well, leave the area the same way you came in and cross to the south side of the street.

Continue east down the path, traveling around the lagoon. You’ll find yourself going west. Notice the graceful willows as you walk. How old do you think they might be?
Locate the birch that is very near the treeline (woods). Walk up to it.

Just south of the birch is a rock. Stand on the ‘Sky Pilot’ side of it and take 9 paces west.
Look directly left. A large tree standing in the woods holds the second box within.

Go back to the original path and continue walking on it as it curves around and heads south. You will see a patch of evergreens and the first street light. Head left through 2 giant oaks. You’ll see an indented path. Take it into the woods.

The path will curve south. Keep your eyes open for a broken and bent large tree. It will be on your left. Head toward it. At its base is box #3

Head back to the main path and locate a large tree that has a partner. From the walkway, take a compass reading of 325 degrees. Go that direction to the tree line and locate a path that will lead you to a circle of rocks. Stand on the flat one. As you look north, you will notice that the path continues. Take it until you come to a right turn. Very soon after you turn onto that path, you will see a 'U' branch. It holds . Box #4. After carefully re-hiding the box, continue on the path, until you are back at the walkway path.Head back to your starting point. You may take a shortcut by taking the path past Cool Waters and the beach house.

You are coming back to the two railroad bridges that you went under at the start of your walk. Locate the one that has a small path going uphill on your left. Take it for 8 paces. You will find Box 5 behind the second piling on the left. Re-hide the box carefully after stamping. We hope you enjoyed a bit of Wisconsin weather!