Fly Fisherman  LbNA # 39484

Placed DateApr 13 2008
LocationPayson, AZ
Found By OPJim
Last Found Nov 18 2014
Hike Distance?

Updates 2010: got a find notice April 9, and a could not find notice in May. If you find this box, please let me know so status can be accurate. thanks!

From Payson take highway 260 east 17 miles. Turn left onto the Tonto Creek Hatchery Rd. (across from Kohl's Ranch Road). Tontozona Road is too far. Go one mile up and park at the Horton Picnic Site (looks like a nice spot for a picnic--tables, barbecues, outhouse, Tonto Creek).

This is practically a drive-by, with a walk of a hundred yards or so. Dogs ok.

note: you might want two colors for this stamp (I used light blue and black) to stamp with both sides. And a hand-wipe for your hands!

As you walk across the road, look to your left and notice a sign: "No camping Within 400 Yds of Tonto Creek Pack It In Pack It Out No Garbage Service". On the other side of the road, take a footpath straight ahead roughly 70 steps. You will come to a big, flat boulder, roughly the size of a double bed, even with the sign you saw on the road. Stand at trail edge of boulder, facing sign. There is a tree at 10:00. Where the line from you to the tree intersects the boulder, under that corner, under rocks and debris, you will find the fisherman. Be discreet and re-hide well.