Two Year Anniversary  LbNA # 39489 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 6 2008
CountySuffolk city
LocationSuffolk, VA
Planted ByFreckles    
Found By
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Sleepy Hole Park, Sleepy Hole Road, Suffolk VA
This stamp is in honor of our two year wedding anniversary.

Enter the park
Drive past the first picnic area, and the playgrounds
As you come around the bend in the road
You will see open fields on either side of you, park in the field on the left
A trail sign will be on this side, the other side has no trail sign
This is also the side opposite of the lake
Enter the trail
You will see a huge dead tree, but keep going
Come to a fork in the trail
Take the right trail, it dips down
As it dips back up, you will notice a fallen tree in the path
Step over the tree and then reach under the tree to find your treasure
Remember to seal the baggy tightly and re-hide carefully.