Hundred Acre Wood  LbNA # 39556

Placed DateMay 4 2008
LocationManor, TX
Planted ByRayRay    
Found By Bloomin' Gramma Jo
Last Found Aug 22 2008
Hike Distance?

This box is located at a new venue, the Hundred Acre Wood, near Manor, TX. ( I camped there this weekend for an excellent night of music and stargazing and planted a box to boot. This box will only be accessible when events are being held at the Hundred Acre Wood, so hopefully there will be many events to come.

To get to the Hundred Acre Wood: From Austin, take 290 East to Manor. Turn right onto 212 (Lexington). Go straight through the stop sign and over the train tracks. Turn left on W. Brenham (which will turn into Blake Manor) and go approximately 3 miles. Turn left on Lockwood (which will turn into Hog Eye) and go 3.9 miles. The Hundred Acre Wood is on the right at 21707 Hog Eye. Turn into the dirt drive, go to the end and turn left. On the right there will be a yellow house and a red barn.

To get to the box: Follow the long dirt road to the back of the Hundred Acre Wood. This is where the Mixed Media Shower event I attended was held, and I assume that this will be the site of future events. Towards the back of the property, you will see a fence to the right of the road made of green metal posts with grey tips. When the road terminates, park your car wherever the designated parking is and find your way to the fence. After the road ends, the fence will continue into the woods behind the cleared area used to host the event. At the west end of the clearing, a mowed path will follow the fence south into the woods. Follow the mowed path until you come to a large tree marking the corner of the property. The fence and the path will turn to the left at roughly a right angle. Turn left and continue following the path. The path will end in a little creek, though the fence will continue through the water. Stand facing the water. Turn 180 degrees and start walking back in the direction you came while looking to your left. Very soon you will see Owl’s tree on your left. You’ll know it by the way it’s eating the wires of the fence and by the large opening into its hollow belly. Owl is sleeping in the belly wedged in the guts of the tree. Please replace him by wedging him in the tree guts rather than simply setting him at the base of the hollow so that if the hollow fills with water the box won’t be submerged.