Teachers Rock!  LbNA # 39566 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 4 2008
CountySan Diego
LocationJulian, CA
Planted ByTriple S Tracker    
Found By epodki
Last Found Jan 19 2009
Hike Distance?

Julian Elementary has a great afterschool program on Wednesdays in which the kids pick two electives, such as guitar, sewing, kickball or drama. In the Spring of ’08, a letterboxing class was also offered. During one of the classes, the kids hid letterboxes and wrote clues. Be sure to check the website for the other clues nearby—there should be a total of three right around the elementary school and library.

Take Main Street Julian east, toward the desert (this will be called Hwy 78/79).

Shortly after the post office, turn left on 2nd Street.

Make your first right which is called Cape Horn.

Drive down Cape Horn and park along the street or in the cul-de-sac, wherever it is appropriate to do so. Please do not park in the school parking lot. Also, you may want to search for this clue after 2:15 when school is out, to be more discreete.


Begin your search by standing at the No Stopping sign.

Stand with the elementary school to your back.

You will see two rows of numbers and letters in front of you.

Look at the row on the right side. Eliminate the letters. You will end up with a two-digit number.

Switch the two digits around.

Take that number of steps, on the sidewalk, to your left.

When you stop, look over your left shoulder and you will see a symbol of Christmas.

At the base of this symbol, under a single rock, you will find your treasure.
Please be stealthy as this is an exposed area. Move quickly and re-hide well.