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Turtle Grove  LbNA # 39579

Placed DateMay 4 2008
LocationAlbany, GA
Planted ByTanner    
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Turtle Grove

The Riverfront Park is a wonderful place for children as well as adults. There are fountains for children to splash in, there are paved walking paths along the river, and the Turtle Grove Play Park is very nice. The Ray Charles statue is just amazing too.

So if you are heading to the park from the Riverquarium, you won't have far to walk. Just pass the fountains.....then you'll pass a few black lightpoles. At the fourth lightpole, look to your left. There is a turtle there. He is not up on two feet like most of the other decorative turtles - he's down on all four feet. There is a small box just under his tail. This may not be the very best place because there is a lot of traffic in the area......but it's easy to get to him at least!