Larry Lizard Loves to Read  LbNA # 39582

Placed DateMay 5 2008
LocationTucson, AZ
Found By navywife727
Last Found Sep 25 2013
Hike Distance.1 mi
Last EditedSep 15 2015

This is a set of clues not a set of directions. One of the ladies in charge mentioned to me that people are coming in and asking for the box. Please do not do this. You must do a certain amount of work to know where the box is within the location. If you don't know HOW to find this information, ask for help on how to discover it, not "where is the box".

Larry Lizard loves to read so where books come and go is a good place for him to be. In this time of economic squeeze this place won’t take your hard earned money. While looking for him in the Northwest of Tucson, watch your turns. Take Shannon north of Ina. Go past the Pizza Slices from 11-4 and take the next street right. The next turn you make will be left. Don't turn too soon you might be given a motor license to drive. Larry was very grateful when Mr. DEWEY organized his files. It helped him to find his favorite neighbor and an LbNA COMPANION. Larry wants you to know that Mr. HALL may be RANDY but he makes a good neighbor and even if he isn't home, his address stays the same.

Everything you need to know to find Larry is right here.
As always, once you find him, move a discreet distance away before entering him in your log.

This is a very high traffic area.