Dr. Campbells Favorite Food *Read Note*  LbNA # 39591 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 14 2006
LocationCarroll, OH
Found By The Earth Dogs
Last Found Apr 18 2009
Hike Distance?

Chestnut Ridge Metro Park, 8445 Winchester Pike N.W., Carroll
* Note* This box was adopted. The original date of placement is July 14, 2006. So u might have done the box already. For those that think that they have found it before, it is in the same place but just has a new owner. Thank You
Find your way to Chestnut Ridge Metro Park. I think the links will help if you're from out of town. I had a ride!
Take the mail trail into the woods. Head up the Ridge trail to the scenic overlook. Enjoy the view; no box planted here. Too much poison ivy!
Take the Homested trail till you come to the ruins of Dr Campbell's house. The gardens were lovely when we were there. Apples just about to turn red, pears almost ripe.
Find the NW corner of the brick foundation underneath the spruces and behind the grape covered bush. 4-5 steps in on the tree side is a microbox (no ink or log book) with Dr Campbell's favorite food. Actually I have no idea if he liked this, I just needed a name for the box!
When you have stamped in continue on the trail back to your car joining back up with the Ridge trail till you reach the parking lot.
When we cam out of the woods we saw a deer wandering across said parking lot paying no mind the the people there.