Chick's at Play-Korn in the Park  LbNA # 39594

OwnerHens 'n' Chicks    
Placed DateMay 6 2008
CountyLa Crosse
LocationHolmen, WI
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Nov 1 2009
Hike Distance?

This is one of three boxes where the stamps fit together as a puzzle. Look at the back of the stamp to see where it fits with the others before you put it in your book. (The other two boxes are Chick's at Play-Baseball in the Park and Chick's at Play-Picnic in the Park.)

You will need to find Halfway Creek Park in Holmen to find this box. These are the grounds that are host to Holmen's annual Kornfest.

Find shelter A. There is a map of Holmen area parks and trails in front of the shelter. On the map, find the highway (A) that goes through Holmen (It is marked with a circle around it).

Opposite the parking lot is the Holmen American Legion, make note of the Post # (B). Follow the stone steps (C) that are to the right of the swings and make your way to the bridge. Continue across the bridge counting the total number of planks (D) on the bridge. Follow the black top path until you come to a hollow trunk along the path (right before it splits). Standing in front of the hollow end of the stump take a compass reading of:

(A)_______ + (B)_________ + (C)________ =________compass reading

Compute the following and F will give you the paces to go in the above direction:

(C) x 2 = _____________(E)

(D)___________ - (E)__________ = _________(F)

Find your prize in a hollowed out dwarf.

**paces are based on a 5'5" adult

If you ever look for this box after the Kornfest parade on the third Saturday in August, you will find a four generation family sitting on the hill enjoying chicken dinners. Make sure to say Hi to us!