Van Gogh's Ear  LbNA # 39603 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 6 2008
LocationAmericus, GA
Planted ByTanner    
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Van Gogh's Ear

Van Gogh's Ear

I have always thought Vincent Van Gogh was a pretty interesting guy. When I saw the unique stamp of him on ebay, I just had to have it. Here's a few interesting facts about Van Gogh:

He cut off his own earlobe and attempted to give it to a woman as a gift.

While living in a mental asylum, he tried to poison himself with his own paint.

He only sold one painting while he was alive, and he basically lived in poverty. He chose to purchase painting supplies instead of food!

Van Gogh's self portrait, the one with the bandaged ear, sold for over 70 million dollars in 1998. (100+ years after his death) is the clue! I originally planned to hide this Van Gogh stamp near the Fine Arts building at Georgia Southwestern. However, there were just no good hiding spots there. So I ventured off toward the campus lake. There is a great map on the GSW website for the campus. At the lake, there is a set of wooden stairs. Head down the stairs and take a seat on the one at the bottom. The box is hidden under the bottom stair near the post on your right/hand side. I covered it with some leaves and brush, and it was pretty well concealed. Just be sure to cover it back up! Be sure to bring your own ink!

Even though my master plan to hide the "artist stamp" beside the "art building" didn't work - you can still see the Fine Arts building from the location of the box! This one doesn't take long to get to, and the parking people are usually fine if you are not there for an eternity!

Here is a link to the map of Georgia Southwestern: