Emmerling Park  LbNA # 39622

OwnerBeth & Brett    
Placed DateMay 7 2008
LocationIndiana Township, PA
Found By Beth & Brett
Last Found Aug 1 2010
Hike Distance?

August 1, 2010 - Visited our letterboxes today. A lot of changes have occurred since last year especially around letterbox #2. Check out the new directions.

These boxes are the first two we have placed, though we hope to place more soon. It was a lot of fun! Emmerling Park is a great park with a creek, multiple picnicing areas, ball fields, play areas and several joined hiking trails.

Difficulty: Most of the trails are fairly level and easy to hike. One of the boxes does require a hike up a steep grade for several feet, but then levels off at the top of the hill.

To find our letterboxes, go to Emmerling Park in Indiana Township. (Take Rt. 28 to the Harmar Exit, take Rt. 910 West(Yellow Belt) approximately 4-5 miles.) Turn right onto Cove Run Road(across from the Indiana Township Building) and follow it to the park, about 1/2 mile down on the right. There is an entrance sign. From the parking lot, facing the park, the official start of the trail is to your left at the very end of the parking area. The trail is marked with yellow blazes and follows Deer Creek. (You can pick up this trail anywhere around the perimeter of the park near the creek.) Follow the trail around the park, and through the newly constructed wetlands. You will be able to see and hear Rt. 910 in front of you. The trail will lead to a well constructed wooden bridge that crosses the creek. On the other side of the bridge the trail comes to a Y.

Box #1

Continue straight forward on the trail to follow the creek, past the several picnic tables. The trail meanders through the woods, past a large tree that has fallen over the creek, and several more fallen trees and logs for about 1/4 mile. You will come to a clearing. Often there is a picnic table nearby but its location moves often. Go to the approximate center of the clearing. Turn your back to the stream and walk approximately 15 to 20 paces forward. Turn 1/4 turn to the left. A large tree should be a few steps in front of you. (Its the closest one to the path you wandered in on.) Go around to the other side of the tree. Stand with your back to the tree and look very slightly to the right and in front of you. You will see an area of thick, bushy vegetation and tall grasses. Walk 20 paces to the edge of the brush. As you get closer, you will see a pile of sticks and logs on the ground at the edge of the vegetation. The box is hidden toward the right, front side under a few sticks and leaves. (There is a lot of green vegetation covering this area, specifically look for a medium sized mound of sticks and logs not just plants.)


At the base of the wooden bridge, turn left, pass 2 sycamore trees to the base of an incline. Note the yellow blazes. This is the steep part, but it will level off again fairly quickly. Follow the blazes, at around blaze #10-11, the trail will split at a large pine tree. Take the right fork at a tree marked with 2 yellow blazes. You will also see orange ties on trees along this trail. As you wind along the trail for a few hundred feet, you will come to a large tree that has fallen over the trail and is being held up by a large evergreen, making a "tunnel". Walk 33 paces along the trail and look to your right. Walk 6 paces into the woods. There is a small tree with clear packing tape wound around it at "eye-level". (I don't know why this tape was there but it seemed like a "sign".) Look right and down, in front of you is a pile of sticks and leaves along the side of another small fallen tree. The box is hidden in the pile, toward the front left corner under a large piece of bark, sticks and leaves.

Have Fun!