Lion on the Loose  LbNA # 39624

OwnerThree of a Kind    
Placed DateFeb 29 2008
LocationSt. Peter, MN
Found By Dartmoor Dreamer
Last Found Oct 24 2009
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Lion on the Loose

In the town of St. Peter
There is a stunning school,
Where all the students are taught
Reading, math, and the golden rule.

Their mascot hails from Africa
But is far from being plain,
The sight of him may bother you
If you’re close enough to see his mane.

However he causes no commotion
No feuding or a fuss
In fact he can be quite friendly
Oh, by the way, his name is Gus.

As Gus left his beautiful campus
For a quiet stroll in the park
He noticed lots of kids playing
And campers near the river after dark.

He decided to look for a peaceful trail
In search of a quite place to rest
Near a covered shelter was one such trail
That looked like it would suit him best.

As Gus headed down the path
A sign told him Dead End.
Not to get confused and lost
He soon took a left my friend.

There he was met by several big guards
Trying to get in his way.
Looking at the two big rocks to his left
He ran through them without dismay.

As he followed the trail for a little while
He could not believe what his eyes did see
But there straight ahead by the river
All alone was a beautiful looking tree.

Making his way up to the tree
He continued on and lumbered
For now Gus was getting tired
He hoped he was close to a place to slumber.

Turning right he saw two mounds
And a very encouraging sight
For now he found his special spot
To lay down for the night.

As he passed through those hills
He saw a protected tree
Guarded not by fence or stone
But by a different tree than he.

And if you look there close enough
Gus will be easy to see
When you approach be very quiet
So not to wake Gus trust me.

Now your journey to find Gus
Has quickly come to an end.
Three of a Kind wishes you the best
Our letterboxing friend.

*Please let us know the condition of this box when you find it. We planted the box long before posting the clue. Thanks!