Brownie Troop #23 Letterboxing Project  LbNA # 39651

Placed DateApr 22 2008
LocationBeaver, PA
Planted ByBrownie Troop #23    
Found By don't fence me in
Last Found May 31 2009
Hike Distance?

These letterboxes are easiest to find in early Spring before foliage comes out.

From Route 60 S. take Exit 14 (Brighton). Turn right at first stop sign onto Brighton Road. Next road to the right will be the Brighton Township Composting/Maintenance Facility. If you pass the police station you've gone too far. The gate to the Composting/Maintenance Facility is open from 7:30AM to Sunset (M-Sat) and 12:00 Noon to Sunset on Sundays. The gate is locked on Sundays December - March. Drive down the hill and follow the road to the left of the maintenance building. At the far left corner is the entrance to the paved bike path. A map of the path is visible from the parking area. There are park benches and a nice grassy area in the middle of the loop that would be great for playing Frisbee. This bike trail is a short loop that does have some fairly steep grades on it.

Box #1
Head down the trail past the first sign and cattail water retention area (off to your right). After reaching the 2nd metal sign to your right, take approximately twelve more steps and look to your right. You should see an unpaved trail heading off into the woods. Turn right onto the trail and take about 35 more steps down the trail. To your left you will see a pile of sticks on the edge of a curved bank. Turn left towards the sticks and take 12 more steps. Climb the bank and on the backside look under a pile of small branches strategically place. There you will find the LOVE BUD BOX.

Box #2 MAY BE MISSING 4/19/09
To find the M&M BOX backtrack to the beginning of the unpaved trail that you found the Love Bud Box on. Take 24 steps back down the unpaved trail. Turn to the right. You will see a pile of rocks that have been pushed to the edge of the trail. Take 8 steps toward the rocks. Look closely and you will see a pile of large rocks carefully placed. Under the pile of rocks you will find what you've been searching for. Carefully replace the box and head back to the paved bike trail.

Box #3 MAY BE MISSING 4/19/09
Turn right on to the paved bike trail and head up the small incline to the first bench on the trail. Walk to the far end of the bench and face the woods. While there, look 45 degrees to your left. You will see a large fallen tree with a "Y" where the branches split. Look in the "V" of the "Y" under 2 logs and some leaves. There you will find the STRIPES BOX. After returning the Stripes Box head back to the park bench for the clues to the next box.

Box #4 MAY BE MISSING 4/19/09
Facing this same bench, while still off the paved path, look down the length of the bench about 10 yards. With your back to the length of the bench, walk 8 steps towards a fallen down tree. RAINY RAINBOW BOX can be found under the leaves at the base of this tree under a short log shaped like a boomerang. Replace the leaves and head back to the paved trail.

Box #5 MAY BE MISSING 4/19/09
Walk 7 steps on the paved trail past the first park bench. Turn left and take 14 steps up over the bank where you will come to a large fallen tree. At the base of the tree you will find a vertical piece of wood. Behind it you will find the LACEY LOCO BOX. Go back down the bank and continue on the paved bike trail.

Box #6 MAY BE MISSING 4/19/09
Walk 63 steps further continuing on the paved trail (70 steps from the bench). Look to your right and you will see a fallen tree which looks like a spider. Leave the paved trail and walk 12 steps down to this tree. The SLOW POKE THE SNAIL BOX is found INSIDE THIS TREE. Replace the box inside the tree and return to the trail.

Box #7 MISSING 4/19/09
You will come to a curve to the right in the trail. Notice, you might have to look carefully, for the large black drainage pipe that goes under the trail. After passing the drainage pipe and moving on around the curve, look for the largest tree. This tree will be noticeable as it branched at the base into 2, only the one on the left was cut off 4' up. Walk to the tree about 15 feet. Look between where the trees connect to find the EVERGREEN LEAVES BOX.

Box #8 Missing? Will look again in the fall.
While facing the tree where you found the Evergreen Leaves Box, turn right and you will see a group of fallen trees. Look at a clump of dirt in front of the lone standing tree. On the right side of the pile of dirt is an entrance to a critter hole. Next to the critter entrance is a crevice in the ground. Here you will find the BUZZARD THE BEE BOX. NOTE: This letterbox can fall deep into the crevice.

Box #9 Missing? Will look again in the fall.
About 10 yards behond the Evergreen Leaves and Buzzard the Bee Boxes, you will see another small group of fallen trees to your right. Look between the logs for a pile of rocks and leaves. There you will find the HOT MOCHA BOX. Carefully rehide the box under the rocks.

Continue down the paved bike trail until the trail splits.

Box #10 MAY BE MISSING 4/19/09
Where the path splits, a huge Oak Tree on the right provides a lot of shade. This tree is next to the first "Difficult" sign. At the base of the tree on the downhill side, under an intentionally placed pile of branches, you will find the WIGGLES BOX. DO NOT continue downhill! Go back and take the high road (trail).

Box #11 MAY BE MISSING 4/19/09
Continue along the paved trail and you will come to the second "Easy" trail sign (first "Easy" sign past the first bench). Turn to your right and take 11 steps off the trail toward a decaying tree. Don't get bugged, but beware of the very prickley berry bushes. You'll find the LADYBUG BOX in the hollowed out end of this tree. Return the box so that it is hidden and continue back to the trail at the "Easy" sign.

Box #12 MAY BE MISSING 4/19/09
At the other end of the pile of logs past Box #11, turn toward your right and walk 10 steps towards a group of logs and sticks. The CANDY DISH BOX can be found nestled in the twigs about halfway up from the ground to the top log. Nestle the box back into the twigs, being careful to completely hide it, and return to the trail.

Box #13
The last box! Continue on the bike trail until you come to the 2nd bench on the path, or the first since the trail split. Keep walking until you come to the next "Difficult" sign at the base of the hill. From the sign walk 16 steps forward, staying on the bike trail. Turn left and walk 11 more steps. Look for the long straight log. Behind the log you will find a pile of sticks and leaves. There you will find the HULLABALOO BOX.

We hope you enjoyed our Letterboxing Project. Continue on around the loop back to the parking lot.