A Hike in the Garden  LbNA # 39671 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 7 2008
LocationMadison, WI
Planted ByCeres    
Found By ag2
Last Found Jun 3 2008
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A Hike in the Gardens Letterbox

We hope you enjoy searching for this letterbox! As you do, please follow a few simple garden rules. First, stay on the gravel or mowed grass paths. Next, please do not enter any garden, even if it looks abandoned. Finally, please don't sample any of the yummy looking things growing in the plots! (The letterbox will lead you past communal mulberries and raspberries - help yourself to those!)

Go to the oldest and largest community garden in the state. Enter on the paved road, passing a smiling sun sign on your way in. Continue on the gravel road and pass the garden shed, keeping the gardens on your left and the woods on your right. Continue until you find yourself in front of the largest weed/compost/leaf piles known to humanity! Skirt the western edge of the piles and then continue walking east on a grassy path. Notice the tall skinny white posts in the corners of each garden plot. When you reach plot 1101, turn left and walk up the aisle, north. Plot 1202 will be on your right once you enter the aisle. Follow the path and be sure to check for mulberries when you’re halfway down! At the very end of the path turn left. Follow this path downhill, keeping the prairie and baby apple trees on your right. Stop when the path dead ends at a copse of trees. Turn left and walk about half way around it. Now take the grassy path that heads south and follow it until it merges with a larger east-west path. Turn right (west) and walk all the way down this path until you hit a gravel road. Turn left and walk up the gravel road toward a great big raspberry patch. Turn left and follow the grassy path right in front of the raspberries. (Feel free to help yourself!) At the end of the raspberry patch you should see a metal sink, and just a bit to the left of that, a big metal bin. Our letterbox is nestled behind the bin.

Please make sure you re-hide it well! Thanks for finding our letterbox.