RTE. 1 - Schoodic Peninsula - All the World Loves.  LbNA # 39685 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 10 2008
Locationwinter harbor, ME
Found By Jiffy
Last Found Aug 14 2008
Hike Distance?

MISSING AS OF 09/01/2009

BRING YOUR OWN INK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are a few geocaches in the Winter Harbor area as well to find....

If you live in the area or just visiting... this is a spot you MUST visit. It's not too far from Bar Harbor, about an hour to an hour and a half drive from bar Harbor depending on traffic. There are several interesting places to stop and see along to way. Like, the reversing falls, and the beautiful old houses and churches in the old fishing towns along the way, along with a few wonderful places to stop and eat, like Chippers in Hancock and the Fisherman's Inn in Winter harbor.

Keep your pets on a leash and watch smaller childeren at all times!!! This box is in a wonderful spot with beautiful views all around, but there are lots of big rocks to climb on after finding this box (if you wish).

BRING YOUR OWN INK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* take RTE. 1 to 186 in Gouldsboro.

* take 186 into Winter Harbor.

* stay on 186 in Winter Harbor untill you see signs for "a very well known park that starts with an A."

* Follow signs into that park.

* stay on the one way road.

* pass the beautiful lighthouse on a small island, keep going...

* you'll come to a fork in the road, stay right going towards Schoodic Point and the research center.

* pass the enterance for the research center, don't go in, stay on the road you're on.

* you'll soon come to the parking area for Schoodic Point.

* park and find the sign describing the sea birds where the parking lot meets the rocks.

* look left and you'll see the enterance to a gravel path.

* take that path all the way to the public restrooms.

* when facing the restrooms, you'll see a smaller secondary path on the right leading to the water.

* take that path till it ends with a large tree where the rocks start.

* turn RIGHT down a smaller path and walk about 18 steps.

* you should be standing in front of two broken trees aprox. 4 feet tall rooted in the same spot.

* look at the rocks at the base of the trees just to the left (while facing the water)

* be very careful to not be caught finding or hiding the letterbox!!!!!!!!!!

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