Seeking Enlightenment  LbNA # 39686 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 10 2008
LocationPflugerville, TX
Found By wepages
Last Found Jan 10 2013
Hike Distance?

"Seeking Enlightenment" Letterbox

Placed 5/10/08

The "Seeking Enlightenment" letterbox is located near the intersection of FM 685 and Pecan Street - Pflugerville, Texas.

Pflugerville is a bedroom community just north of Austin and just off of I-35 or Highway 130. One of its best features is a series of paved hike and bike trails running through much of the city. The letterbox is near one of the many trails. The terrain is easy but the box is not wheelchair accessible.

To get there from I-35:
From I-35 take the FM 1825 exit. Head east on 1825, which will turn north very soon after exiting from I-35 and then twist and turn a couple of times as it becomes Pecan Street. Continue down Pecan Street through downtown Pflugerville. The HEB marks the intersection of FM 685 and Pecan.

To get there from Highway 130:
Take the Pecan street exit. Go west on Pecan until you reach the intersection of 685 and Pecan.

Letterbox clues.
From the intersection of FM 685 and Pecan head west on Pecan street. Soon you will see a sign that says "Austin 16". Turn into the parking lot west of the nearby "Cross and Flame" and park there. Take the sidewalk back to the east. When you get to the bright red fire hydrant with a green top seek out the "spiritual path that never ends". There, you will find three benches. Seek out the one in the middle of the path.

From the center bench, face north. You don't need to turn over every rock. The letterbox lies under the large flat rock just east of the two intertwining trees. Please be respectful of the spiritual landscape and put everything back the way you found it.

The "Big IF" and "Kneble's Venture" letterboxes are just across Pecan street in nearby Bohl's Park. You can reach them by way of the Hike and Bike trail if you have the clues.