The Red Fox  LbNA # 39687

OwnerThe Happy Wanderer    
Placed DateMay 9 2008
LocationRoseville, MN
Found By Team Berg
Last Found Jul 29 2015
Hike Distance?

The Red Fox

Start at the entrance to Reservoir Woods on Alta Vista Drive, off Larpenteur and Dale in Roseville. From the parking lot, follow the paved hiking path, veering left to the 1.1 mile orange hiker sign. Between here and the next sign, you will pass the old 1919 St. Paul Water Services brick building on your right and the mobile wireless tower on your left. Go on past the 1.2 marker, past the concrete wall on your right, and find a sign on the left of the path, telling hikers to warn other trail users when passing.

Take the next sand path to your right, through the woods to the north. Shortly after the path heads steeply downward, on your left, about 25 feet into the woods, you will spot a tree that has fallen around another one--branches at its crook are on both sides of the standing tree. From this spot on the path, count three large trees on your left, just off the path. The first is about 12" in diameter, then a 24", then a 36". This third tree has a root jutting out towards the pond. Our little fox is curled up under the roots on the pond side, covered with bark and leaves.

Please make sure everything is sealed well, and then cover again with bark and leaves.

You'll want to take along your colored markers to give this hand-carved stamp life in your logbook.