FISH!  LbNA # 39690

Placed DateMay 10 2008
LocationPort Clinton, OH
Planted Byohiowriter    
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Note: This box has been reported missing as of 6/11/08
You don’t need a rod, reel and bait to catch this FISH!...but don’t forget your inkpad! To catch FISH! travel to quaint Port Clinton, Ohio…the county seat of Ottawa County, Ohio.

To get to Port Clinton from the south, travel North on State Route 53. From the east or west, you’ll take Rte. 2. And, for you boaters out there, you’ll get to Port Clinton from the north via Lake Erie!

FISH! is hidden at Lakeview Park, which is located on Perry Street in Port Clinton. From Rte. 2, exit onto Perry Street and travel west. The park will be on your left. To reach the park from the south, you’ll be traveling on State Route 53, which becomes Fremont Road as you approach Port Clinton. From Fremont Road, turn left onto Harrison, and from Harrison, turn right onto W. 3rd St. Then turn left at the railroad bridge. You’re now on Madison, which is Port Clinton’s downtown shopping district.

There are numerous small shops, and restaurants there. Proceed to Perry Street, and turn right. Continue until you see a park on your right. The park does not have a lot of signage, but you will know it when you see it. For those who need intersections, it is bordered by the Ash/Perry and Cedar/Perry intersections on the side closest to Lake Erie.

The park has shelter houses, many trees and a parking lot not far from Perry Street. That’s where you should park.
Now that you are parked, begin walking south in the park. You are looking for a large tree that is behind the children’s playground equipment, and even with the shelter house that is closest to that playground.

The tree has a hollowed out part, and to look at it you will see that the tree is “Y” shaped, but missing a large branch that probably would have had it looking more like a “W” in earlier years. It looks to have been well-feasted upon by bugs. Guess what? Most of the trees in the park are "Y" shaped! You have your searching work cut out for you here!

If you find this tree, you will have found FISH!

There are plenty of picnic tables nearby to conduct your stamping. Please, carefully return FISH! to its hiding place. And after your find, I suggest you feast upon some actual Lake Erie perch, or perhaps some walleye, at the Jolly Roger seafood shack that is further east along Perry Street (on your left, on the Lake Erie side).

For those from out of town looking for a place to purchase some groceries for a picnic at the park, there is a Kroger and a Community Market a short distance east along Perry Street as well.