Kennedy Art Museum  LbNA # 39716

OwnerBAP Family    
Placed DateMay 10 2008
LocationAthens, OH
Found By Stinkyboras
Last Found Jun 27 2010
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Elevation: Flat
Distance: less than a tenth of a mile walk
Hand-Carved stamp: Bring your own stamp pad, logbook & a rag to wipe off the LB

Take Route 33 Southeast to the Route 682 "Athens" exit (do NOT take the Route 682 exit to The Plains). Follow the exit ramp down to Richland Avenue. At the traffic light, continue straight on 682 (the Hocking River will be on your right) for approximately 1/2 mile until you see a left-hand turn into a wooded area. Take this turn and follow the twisting road up the hill until you reach the intersection at the top of the hill. Turn left. The Kennedy Art Museum, home of an amazing collection of Native American art, is in the large building (the former state mental hospital) immediately on your right. Park in the lot directly opposite the entrance to the museum. As you face the museum entrance, you'll see a large and tall (about 8' high) clump of bushes on the grass about 20 yeards to the right of the entrance; a small tree is growing out of the middle of the clump. To the right of the clump you'll see a lightpost and a fire hydrant. Stand at the lightpost, directly facing the fire hydrant and walk to the hydrant. Then, turn 90 degrees to the left and walk straight to the clump of bushes (approximately five paces). The LB is hidden within the bushes at that point (about 18-24 inches in). Remove the LB and move to the museum steps or your car to do your stamping. This stamp was our first effort with Art Gum eraser stamps. Please return the stamp, and logbook into the baggie, reseal the LB, and discretely return it to its hiding place. The museum is open weekends from 1-5 p.m., so (1) be careful of foot/car traffic as you are retrieving/returning the LB and (2) stop inside the museum to see its collections (admission is free, although donations are accepted and appreciated). Happy hunting from the BAP Family!