Jamboree on the Trail Series  LbNA # 39718

OwnerLighthouse Luvin Mom    
Placed DateMay 10 2008
LocationPalestine, TX
Found By 2Grls1Guy
Last Found Mar 29 2009
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Jamboree on the Trail Series

This series of letterboxes is located in The Texas State Railroad Park Palestine Depot. Jamboree on the Trail is an annual event where Scouts around the world hike on the same day. This series of letterboxes were placed originally as an activity for a Cub Scout celebration of Jamboree on the Trail in 2008.

The Railroad Park is located off Highway 84 in Palestine. Enter the park, and then take the road to the camping area. You can park near the playground.

With all of the below boxes, please re-hide as well as or better than you found it. Also, be careful for critters and poison ivy.

Box # 1: Tiger’s Roar
*Warning* The last reported find noted that a copperhead had taken up residence in the hole where this box is located. As always, be careful when searching for letterboxes. Do not place your hand into a hole - use a stick or other object to obtain the box. Be careful.
Stand in the playground at the base of the slide. Take a compass bearing of 290 degrees and head in that direction for 34 paces (a pace is every time you’re right {or left} foot hits the ground.) This will take you over a black top road and to a picnic table. Look to your west for a double trunk tree (immediately west of the picnic table.) Go around to this tree’s west side. There is an outcropping of roots that will be to the south side of the tree. The box is in a hole made by these roots and is covered by forest debris.

Box # 2: Wolf’s Howl
Go back to the road and head southeast on the road. Soon you will come to a sign for a flowering dogwood tree on your right. 208 degrees from the dogwood tree there is a tree which leans approximately 30 degrees to the northwest. The box is under forest debris on the south side at the base of this tree.

Box # 3: Brave Bear
Go back to the road. Head 114 degrees and 13 paces and you will be off the road. Continue on following around the pond. You will eventually come to a trailhead on your right which leads around the southeast side of the pond. Take this trail. You will cross some railroad ties and will immediately note a trail which leads to your left. Take this trail. Cool thing to observe: Notice to your left where the creek has dug out the side of the hill. You will cross a railroad tie bridge next. 15 paces from the bridge you will see an unmarked sign-post on your left. There is a tree directly behind this sign-post. The box is on the southeast side at the base of this tree (side closest to the creek.)

Box # 4: We’ll Be Loyal Scouts
Continue west on the trail – up the hill. You will come to a large tree with multiple trunks near another unmarked sign-post. There is a trail that goes west to a dead end past this tree. Don’t go that way. Turn to the right after the tree. If you look carefully you will see the posts marking the trail. At the next post there is a fork in the trail. Head northeast. You will come to a large loblolly pine with a sign. The sign is falling of the post, so I think it is headed down the road of the prior mentioned lost signs. This is a shame as one of the signs in the park states that the signs and trails were part of an Eagle Scout project. The box is located at the south side at the base of this tree.

Box # 5: The World Crest
* This box has unfortunately been confirmed missing*
Continue on the trail north northwest. When you reach the clearing turn left. Continue until you get to the road. Follow the road left to the circle. Standing at the spot where the road meets the circle, take a bearing of 150 degrees to an oak tree with several cedars growing at its base. The box is located on the southeast side under the cedars.

Box # 6: Jamboree on the Trail
*This box has unfortunately been confirmed missing*
Another cool thing to check out: Check out the railroad tracks to the south. At a bearing of 244 degrees from box # 5 and 13 paces is a bushy assortment of trees near the drop off to the railroad tracks. The box is located on the north side at the base of these trees.