Witch's Bridge  LbNA # 39719

Placed DateMay 11 2008
LocationGrand Island, NE
Found By The Lampe Explorers
Last Found Oct 16 2009
Hike Distance?

According to local legend, Witch’s Bridge is haunted by the spirit of a mother who is searching for her lost child. Daring teenagers who have ventured out here late at night have claimed to have seen someone walking along the bridge, and have heard the sounds of crying… are their stories true?

During the early years of the railroad, dynamite was used to break up ice jams along the river. Settlers, eager to watch the explosions, would stand along the bridge’s railing to get the best view of the action. The legend says that a mother and young child were standing on the bridge, and the concussion from the explosion caused the mother to drop the baby over the side – the child was not found. Historical records lend some validity to this story because it is true that settlers came out to watch the explosions, however, there is no record of the lost baby.

To the Bridge:
From Interstate 80 and US Hwy 281 interchange, travel south on US 281 for .5 mile. Turn left (east) on Elm Island Rd. This is an access road to a truck dealership - turn here, but do not go to the dealership. The road make a couple of turns and goes past a farmhouse – Beware of wild car-chasing dogs! We don’t know if they are friend or foe, but they always come out from the house and chase our car as we drive by. Just past the 2nd house, you will come to Nine Bridge Road (you can see Witch’s Bridge from here). Turn right (south) onto Nine Bridge Road and travel across the bridge. Park along the road on the south side of the bridge. *If you are searching during Feb-April, be sure look in the adjacent fields for migrating sandhill cranes!

To the Letterbox
Standing on the road facing north towards the bridge, don’t follow your heart to find your way down under. Visitors have been leaving their mark on witch’s bridge for decades; look for the spot where “obey crew” once visited. From this point, you need to walk 15 paces east (or to the left as you face “obey crew”. At your 15th pace, stop and take one pace southward. Follow the white rabbit’s path down a hole to find what you seek.

2/22/08: It looks as if the words "obey crew" have been grafittied over. You should measure the 15 paces from the middle (underneath) the bridge.