Superhero Series: Captain Underpants!  LbNA # 39722

Placed DateMar 3 2008
LocationBowling Green, KY
Found By HelselClan
Last Found Apr 16 2016
Hike Distance?

A very special thank you to the 4 little piggies for sending their hero in tighty whities to Bowling Green to save the day!

Now, onto the story....

It is a time of darkness and despair. It all started when the toilets suddenly turned evil. Children are running for their lives. But, there is no time to be afraid. The fate of Bowling Green is in our hands! But where is our hero?....

Tra La La La La! He has found the mecca of unmentionables, the fortress of woollies, the palace of skivvies, the paradise of panties, the...well you get the picture...

And now it is up to you to find him so he can save the day and restore peace once more.

To find Captain Underpants, go to the headquarters for undies. You know... the one with the dancing fruit. If you drive up Middle Bridge Rd. you will see the sign. Across from the sign, on Middle Bridge Rd, you will see a place to pull off and park. The small area has a white fence and a neighborhood beyond. Get out and walk to the stop sign at the crossing of Middle Bridge and FOL Dr. Now, standing at the stop sign, turn your back to Middle Bridge Rd and walk 7.5 paces along the tree line. To your left will be a tree with a nice hole. You may need to walk a bit further down and come in behind the vegetation to get to the tree. This, I am assured, is completely lawful and is not trespassing, but you may want to visit on the weekend when traffic isn't so heavy.

Please be sure to be discreet. Double bag the logbook and rehide well.
Captain Underpants is part of a superhero series of boxes that are placed throughout Kentucky. Be sure to search for the other boxes in this series!

And because everything is funnier in animation...enjoy the special comic while it lasts!