Our Fair City  LbNA # 39777

OwnerThe Boxhounds    
Placed DateMay 13 2008
CountySan Patricio
LocationPortland, TX
Found By Origami Hen
Last Found May 31 2016
Hike Distance?

Our Fair City. This stamp was made while looking out of our Control Tower at NAS Corpus Christi. One day Melinda said "Doesn't the city look beautiful?" So I said "Let's make a stamp of it." So, you will find what we see everyday out our windows. And if you are a local then you might know what each thing is. And the reason I placed it in Portland just before Corpus Christi is that the Navy doesn't like people hanging around the base fence line. They get a little nervous.

Driving Instructions:
From the North: You will be on Hwy 181S. Exit at Indian Point Park and take the turn around under the highway and stay on the service road.

From the South: You will be on Hwy 181N. Exit at Indian Point Park and stay on the service road.

When you are on the service road, go down about 3/4 mile. You will see 2 wooden boardwalks on your right side next to Sunset Lake. Park at the North end of the second boardwalk and park.

Clues to the Box: Go around the boardwalk to the water side. Be careful of the tall grass. Where the cement meets the wood, count 90 boards. When you get to the 90th board go under the boardwalk. Look to your right and find the middle beam. Behind the beam and in between the supports you will find the box. Please email us if you find it or if it is missing. If you are a bird lover this is a great spot to watch birds. Also, if you like to fish, you can go to the pier.