Brushy Mountain Quilters  LbNA # 39787

Placed DateMay 15 2008
LocationHiddenite, NC
Planted Bythe Emerald Bee    
Found By The Huntington's
Last Found Sep 12 2014
Hike Distance?

The Brushy Mountain Quilter’s Guild meets at the Hiddenite Center Educational Complex on the fourth Monday night of every month. This hand carved stamp is a replica of the Quilter’s Guild nametag.
The Center is located three blocks north of Highway 90 in Hiddenite on Church Street.
Constructed around the turn of the century, the Hiddenite Center (Lucas House) has a vivid history. It is believed that the house was built by a young man for his bride-to-be. A spat concerning politics divided the couple. Their differences were irreconcilable. James Paul Lucas purchased the house for use as a resort residence. Prior to his retirement, Lucas relocated his parents in the Hiddenite home. The house was originally a two-story structure of Victorian style. It was enlarged to its present three-story construction around 1915-1920. The house was cut in half horizontally and the second story was raised to become the third story. The second story was inserted between the original two stories, an architectural feat that helps validate the house's place on the National Registry of Historic Places. The 22-room, three-story house was equipped with all of the modern conveniences of the day. Many of its custom accommodations were ahead of their day. The house had its own power plant and water system. The house also had an intricate bell system and a remarkable fire extinguisher system. In the days of James Paul Lucas, the house served as the home of Mr. Lucas' vast collections. The First National Bank of Catawba County in Hickory, North Carolina sold these items at a public auction in 1952. The Hiddenite Center has restored the home with furnishings similar to “Diamond Jim's” day.

Now the CLUE: Drive around the back of the mansion and park. At the back entrance there is a rusty iron artwork. The box is hidden behind this art under logs and stones.
If you go to get the Quilter’s Guild letterbox, go during open hours of the Lucas Mansion and there is a bonus box inside the Center with an exquisite hand carved stamp. Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 4:30