Red-Winged Blackbird  LbNA # 39788

OwnerWhirly-Girl Wanna Be    
Placed DateMay 13 2008
LocationWillmar, MN
Found By Gforce6
Last Found Jul 30 2011
Hike Distance?

To find this letterbox, you will need to find a place on the southwest side of Willmar where you would expect to be able to Ramble in the woods. To get there, you need to find an east-west avenue with the same number as the last hole in golf--the one you visit after the scorecard has been tallied and it's time to relax and cool off.

Near Casey's place, you will find a street whose number is ten less than the one you started on. Turn north on this street, and then left at the first opportunity. The number of this street will be the age at which a Latin girl would celebrate her Quinceañera.

When you come to the place where this street turns to the right, you will see a lake on the left. This is where you should park your vehicle. Look to the east of the lake, and you will find a warning that you must leave your snowmobiles, motorcycles, and minibikes at home. Walk past this sign. There will be three islands on your right, and brown slats on your left. You will probably notice the reason this letterbox is named Red-Winged Blackbird.

When you come to a bench, sit down and look at the tree directly in front you. It is quite remarkable, with many trunks. Two of the trunks lean to the right. The letterbox will be found tucked under the tree just behind these trunks. It doesn't quite fit underneath, so it is covered with sticks. Please make sure no one sees you remove it, and make sure you hide it carefully before you leave.