Yaya's Ladybug  LbNA # 39793 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 14 2008
LocationWake Forest, NC
Found By the flory family
Last Found Jul 23 2008
Hike Distance?

Just at the edge of Wake Forest is a small town called Rolesville! We hope that referencing a better-known area will lead you to this wonderful little town and a really fun Letterbox!

Rolesville Main Street Park
200 South Main Street Rolesville, NC

You will need your own ink pad and pen! Enjoy a half mile of easy walking while you take in a beautiful, scenic park!

1. From the parking lot, enter the paved path at the three large rocks!

2. Start up the path and follow to the right at the split!

3. Round the playground and then curve right at the red barn, follow the trail to the wood’s edge!

4. Have a seat-take a rest on the small concrete bench!

5. "What a neat tree in front of me!” But don’t dig there…ahead there is much more to see!

6. Head down the trail and find the “twin” minus one!

7. You found the tree! Now count from here-thirty steps to reach your next turn! (A step is equal to one large adult step or two child steps!)

8. Get onto the wooded path, bordered by split rail fence!

9. Round the bend to your left!

10. Red Maple on the right!

11. Loblolly on the left!

12. Keep going! Eighteen more steps!

13. Stop at the pine wrapped up in a vine!

14. Turn Ľ turn to your left and look into the woods!

15. Nesting at the base of the wooden “rainbow” you will find your prize!

Please be discreet and rehide the box completely! Happy Letterboxing!