One of the Best  LbNA # 39799

OwnerWhirly-Girl Wanna Be    
Placed DateMay 14 2008
LocationMarshall, MN
Found By TheGhostApple
Last Found Apr 26 2013
Hike Distance?

Marshall, Minnesota has been named "One of the Best Small Towns in America" three different times. It's also the home of Southwest State University, which U.S. News and World Report has designated nine different times as the #1 college in its category. Marshall offers the best in small town living, with clean air, safe streets, excellent schools and friendly neighbors.

To find the "One of the Best" letterbox, you should start at the place on the southeast edge of Marshall where the US highways form an X. The number of one of the highways is the same as the number of the most famous Psalm. The other one has the same number as the year of the day the music died, which was February 3, 19__. From this intersection, the Main part of your quest will have you travel northwest on the highway with the larger number. Go through the first traffic light. Don't turn right at the place that would allow you to visit some former Marshall residents. Instead, turn right at the next corner. The name of this street is a letter, but if it were a number it would probably be 8. It doesn't matter anyway, because there is no street sign to tell you. You'll know it's the right place, because if you turned left instead of right, you could pick up a steak to throw on the grill, or a gallon of milk.

After you make this right turn, stay on this road (ignoring Brian) until you come to a one-letter street that could be a string, or a key, or a somewhat old-fashioned exclamation of surprise. Turn right on this road. The pavement ends quickly, but continue on the gravel until you come to the dead end. This is where you should park your vehicle.

Go to the paved path. Facing the small brown building, you should turn left and follow the path. When you come to the place where the evergreens are guarding the path, turn to the right, so you can go up and over, and Bridge the gap. Take the northerly route around the gazebo, and you can stop at the memorial to spend a minute thinking about the veterans who have been important in your life.

Continue on the path until you get a chance to turn left and walk up and over one more time. Back on the mainland, turn right before you bump into a tree.

The path takes another right, and in a few feet you will cross the place where the overflow passes underneath. Just past this spot, there will be two trees on your left. The right-hand one will be larger, and will have multiple trunks. The letterbox (letterbag, really) will be in the center of the base of this tree, in between the trunks. Please try to make sure no one sees you remove or replace it, and please be sure to cover it well before you leave.