Kennebec Rail Trail- Make A Wish  LbNA # 39811 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 14 2008
LocationHallowell, ME
Found By MyRose
Last Found Nov 17 2008
Hike Distance?

This is a great place for biking. The rail trail is approximately seven miles in all and goes from Augusta to Gardiner along the Kennebec River.

DIRECTIONS: From Water Street, Hallowell, go to the parking lot on the riverside, across from the Hallowell Police Station. Head north on the rail trail toward Augusta. Keep going on the trail until you pass Pine State distibutors(large warehouse) and the 1.25 mile marker. You’ll come to a clearing on the right with two park benches at its edge. Facing the river, in the far right corner, you will see a small white birch tree with four granite blocks at its base. Please do not move the granite pieces, they’re heavy. If you go behind the tree there will be an opening between the blocks with leaves covering it. Inside you will find the "Make a Wish" letterbox.