Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found The  LbNA # 39824 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 16 2008
LocationOakland, CA
Found By fleetwood7
Last Found Dec 17 2008
Hike Distance?

Start your 3 mile loop at the intersection of El Embarcadero and Grand Ave. in Oakland's Lake Merritt Park. There is pay to park lots to the left and right of this intersection and also free and free two hour street parking in this area. I have included intersections and building numbers for less mobil letterboxers who would rather drive around the lake to collect the boxs
At this intersection you will see a white pillared walkway. Head to your left and walk under it around the curve and past Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church. Start daydreaming. Is the water like a reflecting pool today? Can you see your image in it as if it were a mirror?
Stop when you get to the intersection of Lakeshore and Brooklyn. The apartment house number across the street is 2150 Lakeshore Ave. Walk from the lake path to the right side of the intersection where you will see a tree and bush around it. There is a white backed sign to the right of the tree. behind this sign in the left corner is box #1, Alice Enters Looking-Glass House, buried out of sight in the shrubbery.
Go back to the path. Keep walking with an eye out to the left. When you find a light-post with a spray painted cupcake on the base stop to rest on the cement electrical box behind it. (across the street is the Churchill apts, 1940 Lakeshore.)
Sitting on the left side of the light-post reach under you into a crack in the cement and pull out box #2, White King.
Head back to the path and keep walking around the lake. you will pass construction and go over a bridge. Keep walking till you pass the Camron-Stanford House, 1418 Lakeside drive. Go down the driveway to your right and past the green enclosed dumpster. Find a space reserved for M. Dorshkind. Slightly to the right under a big rock and a plant is box #3, The Jabberwocky.
PLEASE NOTE this plant may take extra special stealth to remove without anyone seeing you and wondering what you are up to.
Return to the path and keep walking. After a spell you will pass a wooden pier, Kaiser to your left across the street, keep walking. When you come around a curve, (you will see The Veterans Memorial Building on your left across the street,) take the path that leads to the right, just past a small wooden pier. Head uphill past the back-side of the Children's Fairyland sign. Keep your eyes on the fence that wraps around fairyland. When you see a small Alice in Wonderland merry go round face the fence, turn around and face the street and count 50 adult steps into the grass. You will come to a tree with a hole in it about mid thy on an adult. in this hole is box #4, Tweedeledum and Tweedledee. I put two sticks poking out of the hole to mark the spot but intend to find something less obvious in the future.
Return to the path and keep walking around Fairyland. Please stop and look at the old lady in the shoe. ok, is it just me or is she CREEPY!???
Walk until you see the bandstand on your left. cross the grass to it and past it to the path beyond. Head up from the bandstand to the street and cross it. There you will see the Lakeside Garden Center. Behind the light-post in the bushes on the corner of that crosswalk is box #5, The Garden of Live Flowers.
Head down the road to your left and then right that pass' the Lawn Bowling club. PLEASE NOTE in the evening this is not the safest place. There is a public toilet on your right that you will pass that attracts unsavory attentions in the evening. Keep walking. What a chess board you have crossed! So many different things to see along the way! You are almost there. Stay on the footpath and then cross a road. You will see the Jr. Center of Art and Science. Head to your left. BIRDS! BIRDS! BIRDS!!! (Bring some bread, they would love it:)
At the totem turn right and pass the Rotary Nature Center. Keep going past the playground on your left and when you see the lawn maze on your left head uphill and start walking along the curb. As you walk notice the wonderful apartments across the street with trumploy window tops. After that building is 461. It has painted hinges on the sides like it could open up and swing out like a dollhouse.
Cross the street and go to the far left corner of the lawn area. Reach under the bush and there will be your final box #6, Alice Becomes A Queen.
I do not live here so please be curious and stealthy when getting this box as to not alarm the residents.
Cross the street and you will see the big white pillar walkway where your looking-glass trip began. Have fun and enjoy all the different little wonders the lake park has to offer.
PLEASE NOTE Lake Merritt is ALWAYS teaming with people. I do not expect these boxes to all last very long so please be very careful and extra watchful to let as many people as possible enjoy the hunt.

Please note boxs 2, and 6 are missing. i have heard box 5 is also missing but have not yet confirmed.