Critters of Ennisbrook  LbNA # 3983

Placed DateNov 30 2001
CountySanta Barbara
LocationMontecito, CA
Planted ByRon    
Found By Caliope
Last Found Jul 14 2014
Hike Distance?

The Critters of Ennisbrook Letterboxes

(Montecito, California)

Planted by: Ron
County: Santa Barbara.
Nearest town: Montecito.
Distance: approx. 2 miles round-trip.
Trail difficulty: a pleasant woodland stroll.
Fido allowed.
UPDATE 1-16-05: Salmon Rushdie fell victim to the storm of January '05.

From Hwy. 101 in Montecito, exit on Sheffield Drive & proceed north
1/4 mile to San Leandro Lane, & turn left. Ennisbrook is 1/2 mile
ahead, at 1710 San Leandro Lane, behind the white picket fence on
your right. Park alongside the road.

1st Box: Salmon Rushdie is a Fish & Living in Montecito
Go through the gate & follow the trail. After a very short distance,
you'll cross an old stone bridge. Just past the bridge, the trail
forks. Take the left fork, paralleling the creek.
The trail then parallels Ennisbrook Drive for a short distance, &
then drops back down to the creek, where you'll cross a 2nd stone
bridge. Continue up the trail to a fork in the trail. You'll see a
trail sign with an arrow indicating you should stay to the left -
don't! Instead, take the right fork, which drops down to a stream
crossing. As soon as you've crossed the creek, stop.
You'll see a "Y" shaped log laying across the creek. Just above the
2 branches of the "Y", is a small pile of rocks poking out of some
leaves & brambles. Salmon Rushdie is under these rocks.

2nd Box: Emma (the Gray Squirrel)
Just past Salmon Rushdie's box, a HUGE bay laurel tree is on your
left, above the stream you just crossed. From this tree, proceed 40
paces further to a large hollow tree stump sticking diagonally out of
the ground on your left. Lying on the ground next to it is another
section of the tree, about 6 feet long. Emma is inside the log, near
the end furthest from the trail. You needn't stick your hand in the
log to retrieve her. At the opening in the log, you'll see a string
with a stick tied to the end of it. Pull it, & out will come Emma.

3rd Box: Alex G. Woodpecker, telegraph operator
From Emma's box, continue 140 paces further up the trail. On your
right (about 7' off the trail) is a sycamore tree which is leaning to
the south. The middle of the tree is laying in the vee of another
tree, about 20' above the ground. The lower portion of the sycamore
is horizontal, forming a "shelf" a few feet above the ground. Atop
this shelf is Alex's box, hidden under a big slab of bark.

4th Box: Who is a Night Critter (missing as of 9-29-04 - possibly fallen to the bottom, but lacking a ferret, we are unable to confirm this.)
Thanks to Don & Gwen Jackson for adding this one! Continue on path
until you come to a prone giant. From the roots of the giant head
back 25 paces towards Alex G Woodpecker .On the east side of the
trail , at 5 paces from the trail Whoo's nest is in the end of a
stumpy limb 5 ft high on the back side of a tree.

5th Box: Andrew The Housecat
When Andrew isn't busy catching grasshoppers & moths, or chasing Emma the Gray Squirrel up & down a tree, he can usually be found curled up under his favorite oak tree. To find this tree, continue on the path a short distance past Whoo's letterbox. At a fork in the trail with a "no smoking" sign, take the right fork 70 paces to where the trail crosses a shallow stream bed (usually dry). To your right is a "Y" shaped oak tree. You'll find Andrew at the base of the tree.

6th Box: Ennisbrook Series Signature Box (cuckoo pulled for maintenance 1-16-05; email me for info prior to your visit).
Created by Legerdemaine, the clues are stashed in another box close by.

7th Box: El-Faris
On May 23, 2004, with the help of Funhog, El-Faris, the Director of EDOT, found his way to the trails of Ennisbrook. Smoking is not permitted in his office. When you see this warning, go twenty-five steps at 300 degrees magnetic. He awaits to your left beneath loose bark.

8th Box: Kevin Bacon
News of Kevin Bacon's arrival have sent gleeful tremors through the community of Ennisbrook. His new home, designed by renowned architect I.M. Poop, is constructed entirely of stone. It features a gourmet weed patch, a mud hole for wallowing, & several wooded acres for Kevin's favorite pastime - foraging for truffles.
Clues follow:
From the 2nd stone bridge, backtrack 60 paces to the Turnstile Tree. From there, 10 paces to the boulders beside the trail. Kindly be seated & begin poking around. Beware of snakes & nosy neighbors.