Coastal Bandit  LbNA # 39831

Placed DateMay 16 2008
LocationElsie, OR
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?


The Oregon Coast bandit struck again last night. Mr Peter
Iredale of Hammond, Oregon is reported to be missing large
amounts of treasure from his sandy home. Investigators
told us of finding a single precious jewel called a 'Thin
Peace Gem' which was out of place at Mr. Iredale's abode. Upon
closer examination of the gem, officials pinpointed the
whereabouts of the Coastal Bandit's hideout. Officials are
calling for help from the letterboxing community to apprehend
this bandit before the bags of loot disappear for good.


Go down all the stairs off to the right of
the main building. You should be reasonably
close to a body of water at the bottom of
the stairs. Follow the trail at the opposite
end of the clearing. Take a right at the first
'V' and march 150 armyman paces ( or 175 Mrs.
Armyman paces ) to reach 2 stumps joined together
on the left side of the trail. Reach around the
right side of the stump closest to the trail and
into the middle to retrieve the bandit from the
hideout in the center of the stump.