It's All About Me 6-10  LbNA # 39860

OwnerMrs. Tiddlywink    
Placed DateMay 17 2008
LocationRaleigh, NC
Found By The Garrin Family
Last Found Mar 11 2012
Hike Distance?

Serotoma Arts Center
1400 W Millbrook

Park near the Bike Rack in the front.

#6 I Love Puzzles

Find the bike rack near the picnic tables. Stand at the recycle pole and walk straight to the wooded area. Go to the Left down the trail to the back of the building.
Go down the steps and the path.
At the 2nd wooden bridge stop and go 5 paces in to your Left. There is a tree with 4 main branches.
A puzzle is hidden there at the base of the smallest branch.

#7 I Love Sudoku

Go down the rest of the stairs and turn Left. Follow the path until you come to the T junction, there is a bench there by the "2 Mile" sign. Go up the footpath behind the bench. Hidden on the Right is a large leaf green tree- (possibly a Magnolia tree)that is NOT LIKE the surrounding trees. SUDOKU is hidden buried at the base of that tree. Please re-bury me well! * there was a picnic table across from the area.

#8 I Love 2 Read

Go back down the trail the way you came. Pass where you came in at. Take the trail to the left. Then take the first trail to the Right. Pass over the 1st bridge to the Right. You will see a black pipe on the Left of the bridge.
Cross over this pipe and take the unused footpath along the Right of the creek. It is slippery, so watch out! Soon you will see a ledge of rocks on your right. There are a few ferns there.

WARNING: I have been advised that a large copperhead was seen nearby, so be careful!!!

I love 2 Read is hidden in a crevice. Be sure and rehide me.

#9 I love to play Mah Jong

(I teach the Tradional Chinese tile game... it's not just a matching game online!)

Go back the way you came to the blacktop road. Turn Right. As you amble on the road, you will see a playground up on your left, and a brown sign on the right. Don't pass the sign! Go up the cut-through on the right toward a great big old tree.
Walk to the right, once you are at the tree. I see a bunny! You will see a clearing with a downed large branch that is overgrown with flowers and foliage.
At the far right end of this branch Mah Jong is hidden.

#10 I Love Movies!

Watch out for muggles here, there are many in the park!

Go toward the bamboo patch, pass by it and pass by the basketball courts to the parking lot. Find the bike rack again. Take that path and go toward the street. Pass the picnic tables, you will see a metal box on the left.
Enter the clearing on the left. Pass the tree with a blue dot and the grate in the ground. If you look toward your right to the group of trees, you will see a many limbed tree that is out of place among the pines. Go to that tree. Look to your right and you will see a dead pine tree among a feww live ones, go there. Look inbetween the 2 large live trees, you will see a branch stuck in the middle. I love Movies is hidden there!