Shaky wooden path box  LbNA # 39863 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 16 2008
LocationWallace Lake Rd, West Bend, WI
Found By CignaCats
Last Found Apr 7 2012
Hike Distance?

Shaky Wooden Path box

Sandy Knoll County Park
Hwy 45 to West Bend,exit Hwy33,
east on 33, north on Trenton Rd.,
east on Wallace Lake Rd.
Park is just on your left.

This is one of our 4 yr. olds favorite hikes. So, this ones for him...

approx. 1.3 miles

Park at shelter #2
Find the trail by the water fountain. Follow the trail past the soccer fields, staying to the right. Continue to stay to the right at the first Y. At the next Y keep the woods on your left.
You will pass an eagles resting spot. Count three white posts and then follow a little trail to the beach. Take a dip and have a picnic, then follow the beach towards the bridge. Take the road towards the barn.Turn left at the restrooms and head towards the woods.
Look for the path with the broken tree and part of a gate. Next you will find a resting spot with no eagle. Take 10 paces forward. Then, 10 paces to the right,through the 2 big trees. You will find the box hidden in a group of small trees.
Continue on the trail over the "shaky wooden path" back to the parking lot.