Century of Progress  LbNA # 3988 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 8 2003
Location???, IN
Planted ByThe Fairy Stamper    
Found By ???
Last Found Apr 13 2007
Hike Distance?

*** box is back in service as of 10-23-07****

You might want to pack a picnic lunch for this trip.
A contribution to the 1934 World's Fair can still be found in this small northern Indiana town. A replica of the gardens that once graced the Chicago Lakeshore from '33 to '34.
A state historical site nestled in the crystal valley of the county with a heart. Just west of downtown where the Cardinal and the Jay reside, out Bristol Ave, sits a small park.
Pull in the drive and park at the end. (Just leave room for the horse and buggies at the hitching post) Follow the red pavers past the windmill just to the second bend.
Cut across the lawn to where the flagstones begin and follow the path toward the stairs at the end. Stoll past the three islands of trees on the right, being sure to take in the sights.
Follow the flagstones up the stairs and continue the path to the right. What you seek can be found in a place to sit and relax out of site, just off the path to the left as you head back towards the windmill.

Enjoy the park and the box. There are plenty of picnic tables to choose from. If you continue the upper path it will take you back to the windmill and the parking area.